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Posted by PBN on 7/2/2015 to News

eBay's new paper money policy recognizes only two paper money certification services: PMG and PCGS Currency.

This is a segment from eBay's "Stamps, currency, and coins policy ("

Graded paper currency and approved grading companies

A graded note is one that has received a numeric grade (Choice Uncirculated 64 or Very Choice New 64 for example) from a currency grading company. This numeric grade can be included in the title, description, or item specifics of the listing only if the paper currency has been graded by a company that has been found by us to meet certain minimum objective criteria.

Single notes listed in the Coins & Paper Money > Paper Money: US or Coins & Paper Money > Paper Money: World with a starting bid price, reserve price, or Buy It Now price of $2,500 or more must receive a numeric grade from an approved grading company, and the numeric grade must be included in the listing. This requirement doesn't apply to collections, lots, or sets listed within the Coins & Paper Money > Paper Money: US or Coins & Paper Money > Paper Money: World.

Approved grading companies:

Paper Money Guaranty (PMG)

Professional Currency Grading Service (PCGS Currency)

Criteria for approved grading companies

To be an approved grading service on eBay, the grading company must, at minimum, meet the following objective criteria: 

The service has graded at least 100,000 pieces of currency. 

The service provides a live, online & accurate population report of graded currency.

At least one of the company principals should be a member of the Professional Numismatists Guild.

There are at least 2 graders on staff who are considered currency experts within the trade. A currency expert is an individual who has worked as a full-time numismatist (with a specialty in currency) for at least 5 years. Both graders should be members in good standing of the American Numismatic Association (ANA) and Professional Currency Dealer Association (PCDA).

The service provides a written buyback guarantee for currency later determined to be counterfeit, damaged, repaired, misgraded, or misattributed (not inclusive of mechanical or typographical errors related to the holder itself). This guarantee must apply to ALL notes encapsulated under the brand name of the currency.

Third-party-graded (certified) currency must be encased in a unique, tamper resistant holder with anti-counterfeiting measures (such as a hologram or other method).

The service enables online verification of unique certification numbers.

If a piece of currency isn't graded by one of these grading companies, it's considered raw and must meet the requirements for raw paper currency listings.

A piece of currency graded by a non-approved grading company can be listed, but the numeric grade can't be included in the title, description, or item specifics. You can't include an image of the note in its graded holder if that image shows a grade that is not completely obscured and unreadable on the photo. 

We're always looking for companies that meet our grading criteria. Currency grading companies that meet these standards are encouraged to contact us.